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Arcadia Brands believes in a team orientated approach, where a collection of the most passionate brand & creative experts come together to offer unique solutions to our clients.

Our process of delivering high-level brands involves 4 key phases of brand identity, brand personality, brand equity and brand loyalty. Each client’s unique requirements are met at the highest level as we have a complex understanding of brand delivery.

Founded in 2012, we have been serving creative brand design and web development projects to various groups of clients, including publicly listed companies and SMEs worldwide. With a core team of 20 experts, our design studios are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Birmingham, England and Ontario, Canada.

Brand identity is how a business wants to be perceived by consumers, reflecting the value the company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers.

Brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate; an effective brand increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that consumers enjoy.

Brand equity refers to a value premium that a company generates from a product with a recognisable name, when compared to a generic equivalent.

Brand loyalty is a pattern of consumer behaviour where consumers become committed to brands and make repeat purchases from the same brands over time.

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